It is official now! Cow urine is used in five ‘Patanjali’ products

New Delhi: Yoga Guru, Baba Ramdev refuted the charges that in all his product cow urine is used. He clarified that only in five products cow urine is used.

Baba Ramdev was addressing annual press conference in New Delhi in which he said that a false propaganda is being made to mislead the Muslims who are in large numbers in the country. It is wrong to say that in all his products, cow urine is used. He said that only in 5 medicines, cow urine is used and it is written on those packets clearly that they contain cow urine. For cleanliness, ‘Patanjali’ prepares Gonyle in which cow urine is used. It is also used in other medicines. In the same manner, in medicines to prevent Cancer and in Panchgoya, cow urine is used. Baba Ramdev further said that in order to provide healthy fodder for animals, Dugadh Amrat is prepared in which urea is not used. If urea is used, sterility increases in animals. It is therefore avoided.

–Siasat News