Odisha: As winter intensifies, zoo makes special arrangements to keep inmates warm

Bhubaneswar: As an intense cold wave is sweeping through the country, animals housed in the Nandankanan Zoological Park in the outskirts of the capital city are being given special treatment to beat winter blues.

To provide the much-needed respite to the animals from the biting cold, the zoo authorities have made some special arrangements. Paddy straws have been stashed inside the enclosure of rock python, incandescent bulbs have been fitted for the largest poisonous snake King Cobra, and heaters are being provided to keep Iguanas warm.

Moreover, plywood and room heaters have been given to chimpanzees and blankets have been provided to keep Orangutans warm.

Caretaker Ashok Das told ANI, “We adjust the conditions of the enclosure to ensure that Chimpanzees are not affected by cold waves. Apart from that, special dietary arrangements have also been made for the animals.”

The aviary species, which are very susceptible to harsh weather, are also being given special attention. The zoo authorities have put up agro net sheds at the enclosures of the birds, squirrels, and monkeys to prevent cold waves from entering their chambers.

Animals like the big cats, lions, and bears are not very affected by the cold conditions, yet their feeding chambers are kept open at night so that they can go indoors in case the temperature dips.

“All possible steps are being taken to prevent any kind of problem that can affect the lives of the animals,” Das said.

The Nandankanan Zoo is located on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar and is spread over an area of 425 hectares across the Chandaka jungle. It houses over 1,200 animals, reptiles and birds.