ODF ++ awarded to the City by Centre: Dana Kishore

Hyderabad: GHMC Commissioner M. Dana Kishore today told the media at GHMC Head Office that an e-mail communication was received from the Centre last night stating that ODF ++ has been awarded to the City. Last year also, the city received ODF+ every six months. The Commissioner said the award has to be maintained to be in good place in the near future. ODF++ means Open Defecation Free Double Ranking which has to be shared with the citizens.

Kishore said three cities — Indore, Chandigarh and Hyderabad have been declared for the award. While Indore and Chandigarh were having population of 20 lakh plus, Hyderabad has around one crore population and has been getting the award. The Commissioner discussed the matter with the Chief Secretary and senior officials, who have expressed their satisfaction on the award.

This has been achieved by HMWS&SB & GHMC in coordination with ASCI since the last two months, he said. A survey has been made by the Central officials without the knowledge of the GHMC officials while taking citizens feedback, direct interaction and also inspected maintenance of the toilets.
The GHMC was planning to take up awareness campaign among the citizens, increasing the existing toilets to get good results. Public involvement is a must. In this regard it has been planned to take up awareness campaigning from February first week apart from that electronic monitoring is very important deploying Nano car fixing CCTV Cameras knowing the facts of the maintenance of the toilets, imposing fines, identifying the need to provide toilets for the convenience of the citizens.

There are six Metros in the Country i.e., Delhi, Bombay, Chennai, Calcutta, Bangalore and Hyderabad out of which the Hyderabad has received for which the GHMC officials are feeling proud for the same said the Commissioner. For urban living a system has to be implemented giving proper training to follow the principles to make the city in a proper manner to be clean, green etc., and how to provide basic minimum infrastructure to develop the city. 9000 kms of roads are existing, toilets are must at bus stands, auto stands, main roads. Though public toilets have been provided and every need is there to increase more and more. A survey is being planned for the purpose, during the last year the GHMC has advised the petrol bunks, hotels etc., for sparing their toilets to the citizens to utilize but it has not been implemented up to the expectations. There is need to strictly implement for which the matter will be placed before the Government for further necessary action.
The Commissioner said the GHMC Enforcement wing teams are being planned to deploy to control the menace, ASCI and other NGOs will be involved to come out with proper planning to take up the issues like open urination, segregation etc., Zonal, Deputy Commissioners have been instructed to involve NGOs/RWAs at their respective jurisdiction for over control of the menace said the Commissioner.