Odd-even scheme restrictions from 8 AM to 8 PM: Delhi govt

The odd-even scheme for plying of private vehicles in the city will be in force from 8 AM-8 PM from January 1 for an initial period of 15 days and there will be no restrictions on vehicular movement on Sundays, the Delhi government said today.

A high-level meeting, chaired by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, also decided to enforce the restrictions date-wise as even numbered cars will be allowed to ply on even dates and odd-numbered ones will ply on odd dates.

After the meeting, participated by all stakeholders including Delhi Police, PWD and Metro, Kejriwal said his government was yet to take a call on whether the scheme will have the two-wheelers on its ambit.

Transport Minister Gopal Rai said government will come out with a detailed blueprint by December 25 which will answer all all the questions being raised by experts and public.

He said government will soon come out with details of exemptions like those who are ailing and disabled. A decision on whether women will be included in ‘exemption list’ is yet to be taken.

“The odd-even scheme will be in force from 8 AM-8PM and there will be no restrictions on Sundays,” Rai said.

He said the management of Badarpur thermal power plant, which the government has decided to shut, has been given seven days notice to do so.

“The Delhi Metro is working on a plan to increase its operational frequency. We have also decided to bring 1,000 new cluster buses to augment public transport.

“We have also decided to involve around 9,000 private buses including those serving schools for ferrying passengers,” Rai said.

He said the Delhi Pollution Control Committee will take samples to check air quality from around 200 spots across the city and the results will be put on display boards.

The Transport Minister said government will review implementation of the odd-even scheme after January 15.

He said the fine amount to be slapped on violators has not yet been decided.

In a radical step to curb air pollution, the city government on Friday had announced that private vehicles bearing odd and even registration numbers will be allowed to ply only on alternate days starting January 1.