Odd-Even Phase 2: A thumbs down from parents of school going kids

The second phase of the odd-even car-rationing scheme, which faced its litmus test today received a thumbs down from several parents who complained of severe inconvenience while dropping their children to school. While Delhi government has exempted males under the odd-even scheme if they are accompanied by children wearing school uniform, they have not been granted any exemption while they are returning alone, landing parents in trouble.

“I drop my son to school every morning. How weird it is that I am allowed to drop him but I am supposed to pay fine when I am returning? Insane it is. Now, everyday, either I will take a bus which of course more time consuming or I will shell out more money in hiring a cab daily twice a day,” said Rishikesh Goyal, a software engineer.

Hritika Bhalla, who came to drop her daughter at Presidium School in Ashok Vihar, said “usually my husband drops our daughter to school as I am occupied with household chores before both of us head to our respective offices.

But, now, I am forced to drop her as her father will be considered a violator while returning. Its a nuisance.”
Another parent, who had to face trouble while dropping his daughter at Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, took to Twitter saying, “Success of #OddEvenBegins. 2 Uber didn’t reach. 3 autos refused. 20 minutes now on way to school, daughter with 104 fever. Tks #OddEven”

While a few parents took to two-wheelers for dropping their children to school, some others decided to go early so they can return before the 8 AM deadline.

“Government’s intentions about reducing traffic and pollution are fine but there has to be a concrete plan. It is so unsafe to drop three children on a motor-bike and how long can the parents go to school over 45 minutes early to make it back by 8 AM,” said Savita Krishnamoorthy who came to drop his grandson to the bus-stop using an auto-rickshaw.

The second phase of AAP government’s ambitious car-rationing scheme began on April 15 and will go on till 30th of this month. However, the real test for the experiment was today as schools and most offices were closed due to extended weekend.

In the first phase of the scheme from January 1-15, Delhi government had directed schools to be closed during the period and provide their buses to be added to DTC’s fleet. However, this time, government decided to let the schools remain open and provided one-way exemption to fathers.

There were certain suggestions from various quarters of exempting parents while dropping as well as returning from school or come up with certain stickers like the CNG ones to identify them but the government has stuck to its stand on not relaxing the odd-even restriction for fathers and has suggested carpooling.