Odd-Even good for curbing traffic, useless for controlling pollution: Vadra

Noida : Being critical towards the Odd-Even scheme by the Delhi Government, Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra on Monday said that the initiative had been successful towards curbing traffic but had failed in controlling or bringing down the level of pollution in the national capital.

“My office staff was able to attend work one day and the next day they were not. It was an impediment for the people in their daily lives. Yes, the traffic lessened but in no way did it bring down the pollution level. Pollution is what we should work around curbing as it affects our children. We need to control pollution so that people outside do not feel that India is a polluted country,” Vadra told ANI here on the sidelines of the Auto Expo 2016.

However, he agreed that the scheme had been great in reducing traffic in the national capital but added that the initiative should be continued only if it was successful in curbing pollution as well.

“Yes it was a successful initiative in controlling traffic. Everyone was happy that they were able to reach early to work. But it should not be misused and it should be continued only if it is actually helping in bringing down pollution,” Vadra said.

He also added that hybrid and CNG vehicles should be used but the prices of these vehicles should be customer friendly.

Earlier, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) legislators conducted ‘Jansabhas’ across the city to ascertain the public view on the Odd-Even formula and seemed to be satisfied with the overwhelming response for the continuation of the scheme.

The first trial period of the scheme was rolled out on January 1 and was enforced for 15 days.

According to reports, the government is likely to put into practice the next phase of Odd-Even scheme after March. (ANI)