Octavia Spencer roped in for horror-thriller ‘Ma’

Washington: Actress Octavia Spencer is reuniting with ‘The Help’ director Tate Taylor for ‘Ma’ – a new film which is being described as a combination of a horror film and a psychological thriller. According to media, ‘Ma’ will be produced by Jason Blum’s productions, the makers of ‘Insidious’, ‘The Purge’ and the Oscar-nominated ‘Get Out’.

“It’s dark material, but it’s also really fun,” Taylor said. “Octavia is so damn likable that we usually see her in certain roles. But she is such a good actress and this is such a complex character that if I do my job right, people in the audience are going to want to push pause and say, ‘Can we please take you out for coffee so you don’t do what you’re about to do’.”

Juliette Lewis, an Oscar nominee for ‘Cape Fear’, and Luke Evans, last seen in ‘Beauty and the Beast’, will co-star. Production on the project will begin in Mississippi next week, with some of the shooting taking place on Taylor’s 100-acre spread and Greek Revival mansion. Spencer, who formerly lived with Taylor when they were trying to break out in the movie business, will be staying with him.

“It’s going to be a blast. We’ll be living in my house in Mississippi and shooting on my land during the day, and then making dinner and telling stories and breaking bread later that night,” Taylor said.