Objections to Imran’s candidacy baseless: Lawyer

Islamabad: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairperson Imran Khan’s legal counsel Babar Awan on Monday termed the objections to former’s candidacy for NA-53 constituency of Islamabad”>Islamabad for the upcoming general elections as baseless.

Submitting a reply, Awan’s assistant lawyer stated that the objections to Imran’s candidacy are baseless and based on fraud, Geo News reported.

The reply submitted objects photo stated documents and had issues regarding its verification. The objections raised against Imran fall under the ambit of forgery, it further added.

The reply also mentioned that there is a legal procedure in place to send or receive documents from foreign countries, calling the objections raised against Imran’s candidacy as allegations.

On Monday, the PTI Chief and his counsel did not appear before the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in Lahore to get their nomination papers for NA-53 scrutinised.

Khan had sought ECP’s permission to appear on Tuesday, which was later accepted.

Imran was further ordered to submit a reply to the allegations put forward by a citizen named Abdul Wahab Baloch.

On June 12, Imran’s nomination papers, filed from NA-243 Karachi, were challenged by Baloch.

Baloch had contested Imran’s candidature on basis of Article 62 (1) (f) over allegations that he fathered a “love child” with a woman named Sita White, reports the Express Tribune.

Imran has submitted nomination papers from National Assembly constituencies in Karachi, Islamabad”>Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Bannu and Mianwali to contest in the elections slated for July 25.