Obama hopeful his successor will take forward Indo-US ties: WH

Washington:US President Barack Obama is hopeful that his successor will continue to take forward America’s engagement with India, the White House has said.

“President Obama’s Asia rebalance has included prioritizing the United States’ relationship with the world’s largest democracy,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said yesterday at his daily news conference.

“So I think it’s an indication of the long-standing warm relationship between United States and India. Some of that is a result of the investment of diplomatic capital that President Obama has made in that relationship,” he said.

The President is hopeful that his successor will do the same thing, because it benefits the American people, and our economy, and certainly our national security, he said.

“And President Obama has traveled multiple times Indian and the president has been warmly received by the Indian people in each visit. I know that he has enjoyed each visit,” he said in response to a question.

Earnest said Obama has appreciated the effective working relationship that he’s had with the leaders of both countries.

“Of course, the President and Mrs. Obama hosted by Mr.

(Manmohan) Singh and his wife here at the White House for the very first White House State Dinner. And President Obama was able to work effectively with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reach an agreement about the commitments that India would make in the context of the Paris Climate Talks,” he said.

“That was viewed by many as the linchpin of completing the agreement in Paris,” Earnest said.

Obama, he said, has indicated is that he is committed to ensuring a smooth transition from the Obama administration to his successor.

“I’m confident that will include conversations between President Obama and the President-elect when the time comes. I don’t know how wide-ranging that discussion will be. It certainly could include India. But whoever it is, President Obama is committed to ensuring a smooth transition,” he said.