Obama to explain anti-ISIS strategy at Pentagon this week

New York, 14 Dec.: US President Barrack Obama will visit the Pentagon and the National Counterterrorism Center this week to explain his strategy to combat Islamic state of Iraq and Syria(ISIS) with no expectations of bringing significant changes to the plan.

Obama will also try to reduce citizens’ concerns about the growing global as well as domestic threat posed by the terro group.

According to critics, the visit follows the president’s December 6 Oval Office address that failed to provide an apt strategy to fight the extremist group, reported Fox News.

The Obama administration has said that this visit shall also serve as a warning that the persuasive speeches of frontrunner GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump, could encourage terror groups to involve the US into a war with Islam.

Obama said that religion and background are being used by terrorist groups like ISIS to divide people, because that’s how they stoke fear and recruitment.

Though the visit is an important strike but the President is not expected to announce any significant strategy changes. (ANI)