NYU to take care of Tuition fees of Medicine students

New York: Here is a happy news to start your day with. The New York University of Medicine, citing concerns about the students facing “overwhelming financial debt”, has announced that it will cover their tuition.

Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is. The scholarship will be available for ALL students enrolled in the MD degree program, regardless of their merit or financial status, covering the full cost of tuition fees (55,018 dollars this year), reported CNN.

Affordability has always been a prevailing issue for people perusing higher education, especially for the students coming from different countries with huge education loans to bridge the difference between their own currency and that of the US; shifting to a foreign country is a challenge in itself.

With this initiative, the university will be taking some load off the student’s back. According to a report by The New York Times, NYU will be kick-starting the new initiative on Thursday when the current batch of students will be given their scholarship at their white coat ceremony.

Education has lately become a luxury item, available only to people who can afford it, which is why very few people even think about enrolling for higher studies after school. The students, who do try to hustle their way through the course, end up with an unbearable debt.

According to CNN, according to a survey by the Association of American Medical Colleges, in 2017, 75 per cent of the total medical students graduated with a degree in their hands (averaging to 191,000 dollars).
The capability of a student often gets buried under the increasing digits of tuition fees, keeping them from following their dreams and interests.

With the tuition fees all covered, the students only have to take care of their room and board fees, amounting to 27,000 dollars on average, NYT reported.

According to the previous process, the scholarship was only awarded to the students with an exceptional merit or financial need. But with this improved model, studying medicine in NYU does not seem out of reach. (ANI)