Nyay scheme will jump-start Indian economy: Rahul

Pathanapuram:The Congress’ Nyuntam Aay Yojana (Nyay), a minimum income guarantee scheme, will jump-start the Indian economy, party President Rahul Gandhi said here on Tuesday.

Gandhi kicked off his two-day campaign tour from Pathanapuram, Kollam district, where he arrived on Tuesday morning from the state capital.

His first stop was at the St, Stephen’s School ground near here, where he addressed a public rally.

“In the past five years of the Narendra Modi government, he has not fulfilled a single promise and all sectors are reeling. The demonetisation and the ‘Gabbar Singh Tax’ has deeply affected the Indian economy.

“Our Nyay scheme which has been charted out by expert economists will see that five crore families in our country will get Rs 72,000 every year and it would not be what Modi promised to give Rs 15 lakhs,” Gandhi said to cheers from the crowd.

The party chief added: “This scheme will create new business, which in turn will create new jobs and the money will start to circulate which will help jump-start the economy. I have made it clear that if Modi can give away crores of rupees to 15 business people, I will give it to the poor people which constitute 20 per cent of the population.”

He said that if the Congress comes to power, the party will allow anyone to start a business which will provide employment without any license for three years.

“Once the business becomes successful and after a period of three years, only then will we insist for papers. We also promise the farmers in the country that there would be a special budget for them, while also regular interactions will take place.

“Modi did nothing for the cashew industry here but we assure you that it will be taken care of by us.”

He reiterated that his reason for contesting from Wayanad was to send out a message that India is one, while also praising Kerala for the huge progress it has made on all fronts including tolerance.

“My message is to point out that India should not be viewed from just one perspective which the BJP/RSS are trying to drive into. They only want their view to be accepted by all.

“But we believe that India is a place of million ideas and perspectives and we will listen to all of them,” said Gandhi.

At his second stop in Pathanamthitta, he told the people to consider him as a brother to represent Kerala.

“I say this with utmost humility and I say this not just to Congressmen in Kerala, but to the entire people who represent all other political parties. I consider it as a huge honour to represent Kerala. I want to spend time with you to learn from you on your culture, history and tradition.”

Gandhi has two more public meetings in Alappuzha and Thiruvananthapuram slated for the day.

He will also pay a visit to the home of K.M. Mani, a veteran Kerala politician who died last week.

After his Thiruvananthapuram address, he will fly to Kannur on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, he will conduct a road show in Wayanad.

Kerala will go to the polls on April 23 to elect 20 Lok Sabha members.