NY woman receives hundreds of wrong packages; Amazon refuses to take them back

New York: A woman had been receiving hundreds of packages from Amazon filled with mask brackets, for several days without placing any order.

Jillian Cannan, from New York said to the media that the boxes began arriving at her address from June 5, her first initial hunch was that her business partner ordered them but after receiving thousands of items that she did not want, she started thinking of it as a scam.

She received several boxes a day, which piled up so high that her neighbours could not see the front door of her residence.

She contacted the customer support service of the company several times as she first began receiving the boxes to inform them about the mistake and return the items, she even posted about the situation on her Facebook account.

But Amazon refused to take the packages back, the operating executives just explained to her that the items were officially hers as they had been delivered to her address.

When she opened a few boxes, they contained the same thing: dozens of silicone support frames to use inside face masks in both adult and children’s sizes.

The parcels continued to arrive at her doorstep every day, while each package was addressed to Cannan’s home, there was no return address marked on them. So, she began searching the tracking numbers and scanning barcodes to understand what was going on.

She called the Amazon service once again but no one could figure out where the problem had come about and what had triggered this storm of orders.

Cannan said that she and her husband even tried to refuse them but to no avail. “Then they started coming by freight trucks on pallets in our driveway,” she told CNN.com.

Finally, after days of supply, Amazon was able to trace the original owner, however the company informed Cannan that the received packages cannot be returned back and she will have to keep the items already delivered.

Stuck with the task of what to do with those thousands of mask brackets, the New Yorker took this opportunity to give out to society, so she used the mask brackets to create DIY mask kits for patients at the local children’s hospital.