Nursing professionals backbone of healthcare system: President

New Delhi: President Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday said nursing professionals were the backbone of the healthcare system and their contribution was critical in achievement of nation’s healthcare goals.

“Nursing professionals are the backbone of the healthcare system. Nurses play a vital role in all aspects of healthcare, be it national health campaigns like polio eradication, mid-wife services and community education,” said Mukherjee after presenting the National Florence Nightingale Awards to nursing personnel on the occasion of International Nurses’ Day.

“Their level of commitment and care are much valued in both urban and rural areas, including remote areas of the country. Their contribution is critical in the achievement of the nation’s healthcare goals. Their inputs into health sector policies are equally important for they help in creating the necessary supportive work environment for their practice,” he added.

The president also said emerging global threats such as microbial resistance, new pandemics, infections, and natural disasters have added to the pressure and demands on healthcare services.

“The services of nurses are crucial for a response system that a government creates to meet these challenges. Nursing personnel in our country are increasingly better educated and well-trained.

“They are now more adept at communicating with patients, and connecting with citizens, communities and policy makers. In the next fifteen years or so, the nature of their services will undergo significant change,” Mukherjee added.