Number of Chinese student applicants may drop after UCSD invite to Dalai Lama

Beijing : The number of Chinese student applicants to the University of California San Diego (UCSD) might drop after the 14th Dalai Lama delivered a commencement speech at the university on Saturday despite strong objections from Chinese students, according to an overseas study consultancy.
Chinese students at the UCSD were against the university’s decision to call the Dalai Lama as a commencement speaker as well as the school’s description of him as “the exiled spiritual” and have been protesting since then.

The Global Times quoted the founder of overseas study consulting company Reborn Education, Fu Yingdong, as saying that two of his students told him that they would not include UCSD as one of their options due to Dalai Lama’s speech as one of the reasons.

He said Chinese students have many options if the UCSD continues to ignore their appeal, adding that the number of Chinese student applicants is expected to drop.

Addressing about 6,000 graduates and 15,000 guests at the university, the Dalai Lama urged the students to work together to create a less divided and a more peaceful world.

According to a report in the San Diego Union Tribune, about 3,500 Chinese nationals attend the Dalai Lama’s speech in UCSD and some even said that they felt insulted by his appearance.

Chinese students have expressed concerns saying that attending the university might affect their future careers if China’s Ministry of Education decides not to recognize the university’s degree. (ANI)