Nuclear terrorism is an international threat, cannot be ignored: S Jaishankar

New delhi: Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar on Wednesday said the negative consequences of atomic power can not be overlooked, adding that nuclear terrorism is an international threat that should not serve national strategy. “The power of the atom is wondrous and it has benefited mankind in various ways.

The scientific community has also played a vital role in harnessing the nuclear energy but the negative consequences of atomic power cannot be ignored.

World has witnessed immense destructive power of the atom,” Jaishankar said while speaking at Implementation and Assessment Group Meeting of Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism.

The Foreign Secretary further said that the horrors of atomic power destruction would never be repeated and cannot overstate importance of countries with nuclear weapons to be responsible.

Asserting that developing a comprehensive global response is the highest priority, Jaishankar added that nuclear security will be a continuing concern.

“Nuclear security will be a continuing concern especially as terrorist groups and non state actors strike deeper roots and explore different avenues to spread terror,” he added.

Jaishankar further said that comprehensive convention on international terrorism was proposed by India in 1996 which should be adopted soon.

“Dangers of discriminating among terrorists, good or bad, and even yours and mine, are increasingly recognised,” Jaishankar said.