NSUI demands Govt.’s response on Dalit student suicide

New Delhi : The National Student Union of India (NSUI) on Monday staged a protest outside the residence of Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Smriti Irani, demanding the government’s response over the suicide of a Dalit scholar from the University of Hyderabad.

“The HRD Ministry has forwarded the letter to the University. This government has pressurized the University to take actions on Dalit students. This is gross injustice and we demand that the Vice-Chancellor should be sacked. Bandaru Dattatreya should be removed and the HRD Ministry and the government must give answer on this matter,” said a NSUI student.

“The incident happened in the University several months back. Actions were taken against students. It was revoked and later on, after the BJP leader pressurized the University, it has taken action again on the students. This is completely unacceptable and the government should give answer for this,” he added.

The student alleged the involvement of the Bharatiya Janata Party ( BJP) in the incident.

Meanwhile, the Delhi Police detained the NSUI protestors and also several students, who were protesting outside the HRD Ministry in the national capital to vent their ire over suicide of the Dalit scholar.

To bring the situation under control, the police personnel deployed on duty also used water cannons to control the agitating students.

One of the five dalit scholars, expelled from the University of Hyderabad 12 days ago, hanged himself to death last night. (ANI)