NSA talks does not inspire ‘great enthusiasm’: Surjewala

New Delhi: Congress today said the NSA talks between India and Pakistan in Bangkok does not inspire “great enthusiasm” against the backdrop of a series of flip-flops since the Modi government came to power in May last year.

“Moreover, it raises valid concerns whether this is not an attempt by Modi government to divert the country’s attention away from the political and economic challenges as also widespread agrarian crisis across India,” Randeep Surjewala Congress Chief Spokesman said.

“It’s been a constant series of flip-flops since May 2014 which doesn’t inspire great enthusiasm about the NSA meeting at Bangkok,” he said.

At the same time, he said, “Congress party has always supported peaceful resolution of all disputes with neighbours through dialogue as also in a spirit of mutual cooperation and co-existence.”

Modi government has, however, neither spelt out the specifics nor the framework for engagement with Pakistan or taken Parliament or political parties into confidence, Surjewala added.