NSA also spied on EU diplomats in Washington, NY, Brussels

America’s top intelligence service reportedly targeted the European Union offices with its spying activities in Washington and at UN headquarters in New York.

According to German magazine SPIEGEL, the National Security Agency placed bugs in the EU representation in Washington and infiltrated its computer network.

The magazine claimed that cyber attacks were also carried out against Brussels in New York and Washington.

NSA not only conducted online surveillance of European citizens, but also specifically targeted buildings housing European Union institutions.

The information appears in ‘top secret’ 2010 documents obtained by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The documents SPIEGEL has seen indicate that the EU representation to the United Nations was attacked in a manner similar to the way surveillance was conducted against its offices in Washington.

The documents the magazine has seen also indicate the US intelligence service was responsible for an electronic eavesdropping operation in Brussels. (ANI)