NRIs face aloofness in gulf countries

NRIs who have settled in Gulf countries to give a better life to their families face a lot of difficulties and aloofness in the Gulf countries. They live a life like bachelors. They always miss their family who is happy in their country spending their hard-earned money lavishly. And when they visit their country there also they feel alienated because their families seem to be quite happy without them.

Lakhs of people are living thousands of kilometres away from their home to give a better life to their family. Some people have already spent two third of their life but still live like strangers. Some even travel through seat route. They don’t spend their hard-earned money on themselves so that their family doesn’t suffer and has a better life. But their family back home does not feel the pain of the bread earner and spend lavishly on luxuries.

Some NRIs breathe their last in the foreign land without even having a glance of their loved ones. They strengthen the economy of the countries they work in by working day and night.