NRI allegedly murdered by wife, paramour during vacation in India

New Delhi: A 34-year-old British-Sikh was allegedly murdered by his wife and her parmour during a vacation in India, police said.

Sukhjit Singh, an NRI, was murdered on September 1 allegedly by his wife Ramandeep Kaur Mann (31) who colluded with her husband’s best friend Gurpreet Singh alias Mitthu during their visit to Uttar Pradesh’s Banda district last month, they said.

Ramandeep admitted to put sleeping pills in her family’s dinner and let Gurpreet in the house, police claimed.
“Gurpreet reached her house at 10 PM following which they went upstairs. Gurpreet hit Sukhjit Singh on the head with a hammer, while Ramandeep also smothered him using a pillow.

“They suspected he was still alive so Gurpreet slit his throat using a butcher’s knife, which he had brought with him,” police claimed.

Sukhjit was sleeping next to his sons, aged six and nine. While Gurpreet was arrested moments before he was due to board a flight to Dubai, Ramandeep “confessed” to the crime on hearing about his arrest, police claimed.
Sukhjit and Gurpreet had been school friends in UP and remained close after the former moved to Britain, where he married Ramandeep in 2005.

Ramandeep’s affair with Gurpreet apparently began during a family holiday in November last year. She grew up in Berkshire, south-east England, and works as a store manager in Derby, in the East Midlands region of England.
Vrijendra Singh Yadav, Superintendent of District jail where Ramandeep is lodged, said the British High Commission is taking report on her on daily basis and a team from there is likely to come over in a couple of days.