NRI Abdur Raheem (US) conducts simple marriage in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: A Hyderabadi youth presently residing in America conducted simple marriage at Hyderabad. Nikah was performed at Shahi Masjid Bagh-e-Aamma after Asr prayers. Groom Mohammed Abdur Raheem B. Tech, MS, is the son of Mr. Mohammed Abdul Hakeem, ex-Vice Chairman, Urdu Academy, Andhra Pradesh. He entered into wedlock with the daughter of Mr. Mohammed Abdus Samad.

Religious, social and political bigwigs attended the marriage ceremony including, Mr. Syed Yousuf Ali former MLA, Mufti Ghyas-ur-Rahman, Dr. Fakhruddin, Chinta Prabhakar MLA Sangareddy, Mr. M A Rahman, Chairman Market Committee Sangareddy and others. Guests were served ‘khara’, biscuit and tea.

Prof Rashed Naseem Nadvi solemnised the Nikah. Mr. Mohammed Mushtaq Malik also addressed the gathering and exhorts guests to avoid extravaganza in marriages. Dr. Islamuddin Mujahed appealed youth to simplify marriages.

Mr. Mohammed Abdul Hakeem, father of groom and ex-Vice Chairman Urdu Academy, Andhra Pradesh told that though urged by the bride’s family to accept ‘Jode ki raqm’ and ‘Jahez’ they refused to accept any thing from them. He said the purpose was to make the campaign launched by Siasat editor Mr. Zahid Ali Khan a success.

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