NRC: Thousands of Assamese visits Bihar, UP in search of legacies

GUWAHATI: Fate of all those names that have been excluded form the NRC final draft hangs in air with no official statement or court order that could give them a ray of rope to be counted as Indian citizens.

Now all those who have failed to be counted in the final list are busy collecting documents from other states if needed to prove their legacy, which for most of them have now become a nightmare, ET reported.

One such person is Ravi Dubey of Tinsukia who has travelled to Bihar’s Samastipur to collect documents as his name was missing from the draft but he was told that inadeqate legacy data is the reason for exclusion of his name by the NRC Seva Kendra.

The current government’s strategy meant to weed out illegal immigrants from Bangladesh through NRC is being updated based on the 1971 electoral rolls which requires one to establish their links with their respective forefathers.

Speaking to ET, Dubey said: “I will try and bring some documents to establish my link with my forefathers. We’ve been in Assam for three generations.”

Many people have gone to Bihar, UP, Tripura and West Bengal to collect their documents. Some have gone there to ensure their documents are verified.

Around 57,2809 lakh documents were sent to other states and 403 documents sent to 37 foreign countries for verification.

With few excluded people submitting land papers as a proof of their links to her ancestors.

But Ladoo Devi of Doom Doomda land papers written in Sanskrit were rejected. who is reported to have moved to Assam after her marriage.