NRC: Teesta Setalvad fights for justice of Assam residents, philanthropists can offer donations

Hyderabad: Muslims constitute 35-40% in Assam. RSS and its allies have an apprehension that in the future, Assam might transform into a Muslim majority State. Due to this reason, efforts are being made continuously for the past few years to declared the Muslims in the State as the citizens of Bangladesh. Out of 33 districts of Assam, there are 10 districts wherein, the Muslim population constitutes more than 50%. RSS is not able to tolerate it. Muslims are made backward in the fields of education and trade. Had the Muslims been educated and rich, no political party would have dared to treat them as foreigners.

It may be mentioned that as per the National Register of Citizens (NRC), 40,07,707 residents of Assam were declared as foreigners. Out of this, more than 32 lakh are Muslims and 8 lakh are Hindus.

It may be mentioned that long back, RSS and Sangh Parivar activists had raised the slogans, “Ali”, “Quli”, “Bengal”, “Nepal” and started treating them as foreigners. In their opinion, Ali meant Muslims, Quli meant Tribals, Bengal meant Bengali speakers and Nepal meant Nepalis.

In the last election, BJP assumed power in Assam and everyone knows the hidden agenda of BJP.

Mr. Ziauddin Ali Ahmed who is the nephew of fifth President of India, late Mr. Fakuruddin Ali Ahmed does not find his name in the voters’ list. Mr. Ziauddin Ali Ahmed’s grandfather, Lt. Col. Zunnur Ali Ahmed was the first citizen of Assam who completed MBBS. Treating such a person as a foreigner is nothing but a conspiracy.

In the same manner, 14 persons belonging to the family of Mr. Mohammed Ameeruddin who served as the first Dy. Speaker of Assam Constituent Assembly from 1937 to 1946 did not find their names in the voters’ list.

The names of the family members of Puran Bahadur Chatri who served in the Azad Hind Army formed by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was also dropped treating them as Bangladeshis.

No one in the State was dared enough to raise any voice against these irregularities. Mr. Badruddin Ajmal also kept quiet on this issue.

Ms. Teesta Setalvad raised her voice under the banner, Citizens for Justice and Peace and created awareness among the people. Even Amit Shah, Maya Kodnani, Babu Bajrangi and others are afraid of her. She was responsible for getting 172 murderers punished through the court who were involved in the communal riots of Gujarat 2002. She is also actively fighting the case of former Congress MP, Mr. Ehsan Jafri’s widow, Ms. Zakia Jafri.

Talking to staff reporter of Siasat Ms. Teesta Setalvad told that 16 fake cases have been filed against her and she was attacked 5 times. She also said she will not tolerate injustice against the innocent persons and would continue to fight till her last breath.

It becomes obligatory on our part to extend financial help to her organization. Philanthropists are requested to donate Rs. 200, 250, 300 or 500 every month. They may deposit the amounts in account number 50100035940810, IFSC Code HDFC0000079.

For further details, please visit the website (Click here).

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