NRC must be implemented throughout India demands AIUDF

New Delhi: All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) Badruddin Ajmal on Wednesday demanded that National Register of Citizens (NRC) must be implemented all over India and its scope should not remain limited to Assam only.

Speaking to ANI, Ajmal said, “We have always maintained that if NRC has to be implemented, it must be all over the country. If there are infiltrators, they are not only in Assam but all over the country. Sometimes they are caught in Gujarat, Delhi or Lucknow. If this is for foreign infiltrators, NRC must be in all over the country, this is our demand.”

His remarks come in wake of MoS Home Affairs, Hansraj Ahir’s written reply in Lok Sabha in which he has said that NRC will be limited to Assam for now.

Reminding BJP of its promise, AIUDF Chief added, “BJP President Amit Shah during the election campaign said that NRC will be implemented all over the country. It is wrong to claim that 40 Lakh Bangladeshi’s have been made to leave to the country. Many names have appeared in the NRC list due to an absence of few papers and the documentation is still going on. By the end, it is possible that 8-10 lakh people are able to complete the requirements. Amit Shah has guaranteed that it will be implemented in all India level and today if the home minister is going back on this promise, it is unfortunate.”

Ajmal also spoke on the issue of farmer loan waiver and asserted that Rahul Gandhi’s insistence on farmer loan waiver is the voice of farmers from all over the country.

“Modi government still has 4-5 months to do the same. If they won’t do whatever other government will come and will do it,” said Ajmal.

He also said that candidature of Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister Candidate of the grand alliance is a controversial issue for now and the decision in this regard must be taken only after elections.

“It is important to focus on strengthening the grand alliance. After we get majority post elections, a PM candidate can be selected based on everyone’s opinion. The Prime Minister will be from the party whichever gets the maximum seats. However, as much as my personal opinion matters, I consider Rahul Gandhi as the most appropriate candidate at this time.”