NPF, BJP, Congress to participate in Nagaland polls

Kohima: Three major political parties in poll-bound Nagaland — the ruling Naga Peoples’ Front (NPF), the BJP and the Congress — have done a U-turn on the joint poll boycott decision and are now gearing up for the forthcoming polls.

The ruling Naga Peoples’ Front (NPF) on Friday issued a statement saying that the party will contest the polls as the central government has repeatedly pointed out that holding of timely elections was a constitutional requisite and that the Centre was bound by constitutional provisions.

The party said that as all Naga NGOs and political parties could not arrive at a consensus on deferment of elections, NPF as a recognized political party cannot be an exception to participating in the upcoming general elections.

The BJP too has decided to contest the election for the cause of ‘Solution to the Naga political issue’ in the state.

“The BJP is for early solution to the present Naga Political issue and BJP will be part of the system to implement all the agreements held between the Government of India and the negotiating parties,” said a statement issued by the BJP on Friday.

Similarly, the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) on Friday issued a statement to the media saying that Congress will soon be releasing the Election Manifesto of 2018.

The Congress, however, blamed the BJP and NPF for trying to “spread Hindutva” across the hills of Nagaland and said that since all the political parties including the NPF and BJP are gearing up to take part in elections, Congress party will soon be releasing the Election Manifesto of 2018 wherein the future is assured for all.

On January 29, 11 political parties in Nagaland decided not to participate in the February 27 polls until the ongoing Naga Political process reaches its desired goal.

The 11 parties included NPF, BJP, Congress, United Naga Democratic Party (UNDP), Nagaland Congress, AAP, National Democratic Political Party (NDPP), NCP, LJP, JD(U), National People’s Party (NPP).