Now, smart uniforms to track kids at school

Guizhou [China]: If education wasn’t stressful enough for children, schools in China have introduced smart uniforms which track the exact location of the younger ones so they don’t end up bunking their classes.

Chinese schools are using chip-equipped smart uniforms to encourage better attendance rates. The washable uniforms have chips in the shoulders to track when and where the students enter or exit the school, The Verge reported.

If that wasn’t unsettling enough, there’s also facial recognition technology embedded at the school entrances to make sure there are no proxy attendances and only the right student is wearing the intended outfit. If a naughty one attempts to escape, an alarm would go off.

Other than this, there are also a few features that parents can be thankful about such as the uniform is washable, it can endure up to 150 degree Celsius temperature, it will detect if the child falls asleep during class, and most importantly, kids who want to make payments to their friends can do so using facial and fingerprint recognition software.