Now saffronists trying to give a communal colour to Rooh Afza

NEW DELHI: The classic an all-seasons sharbat Rooh Afza, has a special significance. From pleasing crotchety mothers-in-law to impressing kitty party guests, it’s a big hit in most Indian households of all religion since ages.

But social media users decided to narrate the story  in different way  by giving a communal colour to age-old drink.

The summer chilleris made to treat heat stroke, dehydration and diarrhoea, is now considered as a particular community product. So on social media, ‘Rooh Afza is being called as ‘Muslim’.

On such message is being circulated on WhatsApp is,

“On June 5 i.e on Monday is Nirjala Ekadashi, people will drink Rooh Afza with great pleasure. Hamdard’s Muslim owner will be very happy. Because in just one day, Rooh Afza of 60 crore is being consumed without being realised that ‘Hamdad’ is the Company which does not employed single non-Muslims.

These people at one side butcher our mother cow and bleed its red blood and the other side, they offer us the red-coloured sweet drink and gains profits. It is still time Hindu brothers to wake up and make the change.”

In reply to this, a user named MC Gautam tweeted, “Fresh juice le lo bhaiya Hindu ho toh kyunki Rooh Afza Muslamaan hai.”

People on social media called the message as politically motivated.

Rooh Afza is selling in the market from 1906, but it took 111 years to know its religion. Well, there is no hand of BJP politics in this hate, perhaps.

Also, messages about Hamdard Company alleged of not taking people from Hindu religion as its employees is being circulated on social media and therefore it should be boycotted.

In response to the claim, people are saying that non-Muslims also work there.