Now, `safer` e-cigarette with tobacco flavour, less harmful smoke

Washington : A team of researchers has come up with a new safer e-cigarette that has all the flavour of tobacco but less harmful smoke.

The novel hybrid product that combines e-cigarette technology with fresh tobacco, called ‘glo iFUSE’, has been shown to successfully deliver natural tobacco flavours without impacting the potentially reduced risk nature of the aerosol produced.

E-cigarettes are believed to be substantially reduced risk compared to cigarettes, and the simple composition of the vapour compared to that of cigarette smoke is an important factor in this.

Flavourings are an important part of the vaping experience, but currently available e-cig flavours are food grade and the tobacco flavourings are unsatisfactory.

This hybrid technology delivers a natural tobacco flavour without having to directly heat or burn the tobacco, thereby eliminating many of the toxicants that would be produced by excessive heating or burning of the tobacco leaf.

“E-cigarettes have proven hugely popular, but one size does not fit all, which is why we are developing a range of innovative tobacco and nicotine products, in addition to e-cigarettes, to give consumers a greater choice of less risky products,’ said Dr Ian Fearon, Principal Scientist, at British American Tobacco.

The study has been presented at 22nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Research in Nicotine and Tobacco. (ANI)