Now play music on Bluetooth speakers via Google Home

New Delhi [India]: Tech giant Google announced that as per its latest update on Google Home, users can play music by connecting the device to other Bluetooth speakers.

As per a company blog, Google noted that users of any of Google Home devices can connect it to other Bluetooth speakers to ramp up their entertainment experience, primarily using voice commands.

To get started, a user may pair any compatible Bluetooth speaker with Google Home, proceed to the device settings and follow pairing instructions to make it the default speaker. Once voice commands are given, music will automatically play on the Bluetooth speaker.

A user may also activate multi-room audio by adding a select Bluetooth speaker to a group in the Google Home app, thus providing greater sound quality.

However, the blog stated that voice commands need to be given to the user’s Google Home device, and not the speaker.

“Note. You’ll still need to talk to your Google Home device-not the connected Bluetooth speakers-for queries like asking questions, getting weather updates and using smart home commands. Together, Google Home and Bluetooth speakers make the perfect arrangement for amping up the music throughout your entire home,” said Surbhi Kaul from Google Home’s Product Management division.

The new option will be available to the entire Google Home device portfolio. (ANI)