Now Peter says Sheena told him she is Indrani’s daughter

Mumbai: In a U-turn, former Star India CEO Peter Mukherjea today said deceased Sheena Bora had informed him that she was his step-daughter but he had no reasons not to believe his wife Indrani’s denial of that claim though he found it “difficult to digest”.

Till yesterday Mukherjea was saying that he wasn’t aware of the fact that Sheena was Indrani’s daughter as his wife had always projected her as her sister.

“I was told before we got married that Indrani had a brother and a sister, Sheena was the sister and Mikhail was the brother. Sheena at some later point had pointed out that it was incorrect information.

“She had told me that ‘Jeeju’… Indrani is giving you wrong information, and you please believe me and told that in so many words that-I am not her sister, but I am actually her daughter. She told me that,” Mukherjea told Times Now.

“Of course I couldn’t take that at face value, because all these years I believed that she was Indrani’s sister and Indrani had told me that. I then confronted Indrani about it and she said it is utter rubbish and this has been fed to Sheena from somewhere else and it is completely, completely untrue and I was not to believe that at all,” he claimed.

Mukherjea, however, maintained that he vaguely remembers the date when he was told about the fact and it was sometime in 2011.

“I found it clearly very very difficult to digest it… but there was no question of me not believing my wife, the woman whom I had married and lived with for over 10 years at that point. So why would I have any reason to believe, just because my son said so, I needed to have certain very clear evidence for that to be in consideration,” Mukherjea said.

He also claimed that the same thing was communicated to him by Rahul but he had not believed him as well.

“Rahul echoed exactly the same thing what Sheena had said. Obviously they had discussed this clearly between themselves. So when Rahul told me the same thing, I responded to him in exactly the same way.

“In my situation I believed my wife, 9 and a half times, 9.9 times out of 10, unless it is proven that she is wrong. She is my wife after all. So there is no question that when somebody comes and gives me a particular information, including my son who for all sorts of reasons may not have been happy about my second marriage,” he added.