Now, patient in UP found affected by White Fungus

 As the dreaded Black Fungus or Mucormycosis disease spreads across Uttar Pradesh, a case of White Fungus has been found in a patient from Mau district.

This is probably the first case of White Fungus that has been traced in India. White fungus was detected in a 70-year-old man who had been earlier treated for Covid-19 at a Delhi hospital in April and was discharged following his recovery.

He was consistently on steroids following his recovery from COVID-19. After some time, he developed eye floaters (jelly-like substance inside the eyes) and lost his eyesight.

Following his vitreous biopsy, the White Fungus infection was confirmed. The man is undergoing treatment.

Medical experts say that not much evidence has been found of the White Fungus spreading to other states, but experts feel that it can be as virulent as the virus, as per the reports. The mortality rate of White Fungus is currently unknown.

The patients, infected with White Fungus, showed Covid-like symptoms, but were tested negative. The medical experts believe an HRCT scan may be required to trace the fungal infection, as the reports claimed.