Now have paan with a twist at ‘Paan Singh’

New Delhi [India]: We have heard about food cafes, internet cafes and beer cafes, but are we aware of Paan cafe?

I think no!

So, here’s ‘Paan Singh,’ trying to break the notion that betel leaves are used just as mouth-fresheners.

According to Gaurav Aneja, the master mind behind the innovation, “the concept Paan Singh is to provide myriad of Paan variety and quality under one roof.”

“With the Paan Singh, we are trying to break the myth that paan is not a proper dessert and is limited to supari thing,” he said.

Currently, the cafe, in Gurgaon, has more than 20 types of chocolate paans and will soon increase the number to around 65-70 (variety).

Speaking about his further vision with the cafe, Gaurav said, “We are getting overwhelming response two-three months we are about to open another outlet in Gurgaon. Right now, we are targetting Delhi NCR area for expansion.”

When asked about the specialties of the cafe, he said, “You get imported drinks, imported chocolates, imported mouth fresheners and chew gums, cigarettes, Electric vapes, liquor chocolates and much more. Our latest addition to paan is Khajur paan, which is our exclusivity.”

So all the paan-lovers, take a ride to Gurgaon and enjoy these new experiences with Paan! (ANI)