Now, ‘Gentlemen’s Club’ event for males in the city!

New Delhi :Men in the city can look forward to being the focus of attention through a two-day event ‘Gentlemen’s Club’ that offers shopping, grooming and other activities solely dedicated to them.

The two-day event titled “Gentlemen’s Club” is the brainchild of Smriti and Poonam Puri who claim that since fashion is largely centered around women, they thought of starting one focussing on men.

“Fashion is largely centered around women with little concentration on meeting the requirements that befit a true gentleman. This is a huge opportunity that one can tap into by creating an environment which is catering to the overall needs of men by offering them and to some extent, even introducing them, to some of the finer aspects of boutique luxury all under one roof,” says Smriti.

Gentlemen’s Club aims to create a niche market for men’s luxury, an idea stemmed from the limited availability and knowledge about the presence of quality brands and bespoke wear available in the market today.

The event that ends today includes a fashion show, a stylist makeover, a session on golfing techniques with a Golf Pro, a beer garden, an exclusive Cigar Lounge, Cars and bikes like Maserati, Jaguar, Ducati on display with a session on tech and gadgets to own.

The event also aims to combine retail therapy with interactive sessions with experts from various fields such as watchmakers, cigar connoisseurs, sommeliers and designers.

According to Poonam the name ‘Gentleman’s Club’ came into being because a gentleman is always set apart from his ability to understand, experience and appreciate the finer things of life.