Now, fix your bow tie dilemmas with these handy tips

Keep things fresh with a pinch of exquisite bow ties that will make you look cool this summer. From sorbet colours like light blues and pinks to giving it a printed twist will make this accessory fit for parties, work events and endless dinners.

Narendra Kumar, Creative Director, Amazon Fashion, India, shares some innovative trending tie options that are perfect for every occasion. Colour: Go for sorbet colors like light blues and pinks, they are in this season.

Also, look for lighter fabrics. Keep fabric in mind when determining what kind of bow tie you want to wear to any given event. Your cotton and linen bow ties will be most appropriate at events that are more on a casual side. Meanwhile, silk and wool bow ties are best suited for formal affairs.

Print: Bow-ties have been making the rounds for a couple of seasons now. They look fresh, formal, and classy. Now that you’ve gotten used to wearing general bow-ties, giving them a printed twist will give them a quirky edge.

You can pair printed bow ties with formal and casual wear, and pull off that cool, hipster look you’ve always wanted to try. You no longer need to restrict yourself to just wearing the traditional black and solid colors, you now have the plethora of trendy options in polka dots, plaid, stripes, geometrical and quirky prints.

How to wear: If you are not considering sporting a bow tie when putting a look together, you are totally missing out on the season’s trendiest accessory for men. When trying to decide what bow tie works best, think about the occasion and the overall outfit.

A wedding or formal event: When you’re attending a wedding, don’t be afraid of colours and patterns. Especially if the wedding is outdoors or themed, a nice bow tie that matches the affair will fit right in. Weddings are a perfect take out for your black / pearl white bow tie.

Team it with your tux or formal suit for a crisp silhouette look.

At work: Wearing a bow tie to work implies a sense of dapper professionalism. It also makes you look more creative and approachable. Just keep the colours and patterns on the simpler side, and you’ll be good to go. Team your light colour formal shirts with a plaid bow tie or bow ties with stripes or polka dots.

Brunch: Whether you’re going with family or a date, a bow tie will add just the right touch of playfulness to your brunch outing. Team your chambray shirt with a bow tie in plaid or polka dots or geometrical print for a semi-casual brunch look.

Date-night: When thinking about when to wear a bow tie, a night out of the town with a lovely lady would be another great occasion to give it a try. For a cool, but also more casual look, wear the tie with just a button-up shirt and a vest. It’s more dressed down, but still dapper.