Now eateries may have to declare ‘jhatka-halal meat’

Now eateries may have to declare ‘jhatka-halal meat’

Delhi: The civic corporations in the north and south of Delhi have decided to come up with a proposal to make it mandatory for restaurants to put up boards describing if they are serving halal or ‘jhatka’ meat.

This came after a week after of East Delhi Municipal Corporation passed a similar resolution. Last week, the east Corporation’s standing committee had passed a resolution stating that it will be mandatory for all east Delhi restaurants to display a written message on whether they serve ‘jhatka’ or halal meat.

The north and south Corporation mayors said they will meet with the health department for bringing a proposal in the standing committee and house meeting for final approval.

“We received a letter from the Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party national secretary RP Singh recently, demanding that the three civic agencies in the city bring a proposal making it mandatory for restaurants to display boards mentioning the kind of meat served. There are Sikh residents who do not eat halal meat. The decision has been taken to ensure that their religious sentiments are not hurt.” said North Corporation mayor Adesh Gupta.

“If the shops selling raw meat display such boards, then why can’t restaurants serving non-vegetarian dishes do the same? The consumer has the right to know what they are eating,” said South Corporation mayor Narendra Chawla.