Now, `drink` your breakfast of bacon, baked beans, eggs, and sausages!

Too busy in the mornings to cook a full English breakfast of bacon, baked beans, eggs, and sausages? Then you will be surprised to learn that a breakfast brand has created the world’s first ‘Liquid Fry-up’.
As part of Fuel Your 10k Hours’ inventive liquid breakfast range, scientists tasted 500 fry-ups made up of 100 packs of bacon, 46 tins of baked beans, 459 fried eggs and 88 packets of sausages to find the best recipe, the Daily Star reported. Barney Mauleverer, co-founder of the brand, said the drink was created to shake up the breakfast market. He said that a full English is the quintessential British breakfast staple and is packed full of protein.

Mauleverer said that the firm wanted to create a way for people to enjoy it on the go, without needing to spend time slaving away in the kitchen. (ANI)