Now, an app in smartphones that can unlock your house doors!

Washington, May 31(ANI): A latest smart-lock is set to turn your smartphone into a key to lock or unlock the house doors. August Smart-Lock, designed by Jason Johnson and Yves Behar, is a device attached to the door, which communicates with the smartphone via Bluetooth, reports ABC News.

The device”s base plate is made of aluminum and attaches to the interior portion of the deadbolt and connects to the phone via Bluetooth. The app on the phone then activates when in proximity to the base plate thereby locking or unlocking the door, depending on which side of the door the user is.

According to the report, the hardware is elegantly designed and all the functions are in the app and software. The keys in the app can be sent to other people like an email and also allows the user to set permissions and check the lock status. It also allows the primary user to set access for another user by providing specific lock and unlock time. Johnson argued that the soft key is safer than a physical key as users can password protect their keys and the back-end software is secure with a proprietary encrypted locking technology. With other smart locks like Schlage Link wireless lock system and Kwikset”s Kevo for 200 dollars, the August smart lock is priced at 199 dollars to be made available later this year, the report added. (ANI)