Now its Ahmed Patel’s turn, ED tightening noose on him and kins

NEW DELHI: A corporate executive who was summoned by Enforcement directorate and being questioned in connection with money laundering case has named Congress leader Ahmed Patel, his son, Faisal Patel, and his son-in-law, Irfan Siddiqui which can have far reaching political implications.

According to the news reported in ET, in a written statement to the ED, SunilYadav told that “huge amounts of cash” were handed over to Siddiqui by the owner of the Sandesara group, Chetan Sandesara, and his associate, Gagan Dhawan. He also mentioned in the statement that Chetan Sandesara would frequently visit Ahmed Patel’s residence which was described as ‘Headquarters 23’ by the Sandesara. (23 Mother Crescent, New Delhi) and that Patel’s residence would be described as ‘Headquarters 23’ by Sandesara.

Yadav also said that Siddiqui would be referred as J2 and Faisal Patel as J1 by Sandesara.

Yadav statement was recorded under Section 50 of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act.

However, Congress leader Ahmed Patel declined to comment on the issue but other Congress functionaries alleged that Yadav’s statement “has been recorded under coercion” and that “it is vendetta politics and political witch-hunt and attempt to malign Patel’s family.”

So far, Chetan Sandesara has not appeared before ED despite summons being issued. Ganga Dhawan has been arrested.

The inquiry was focused on a diary maintained by an employee of the Sandesara group and recovered during an I-T raid. That diary had also mentioned payments to one ‘Irfan Bhai’. Yadav told ED “Irfan Bhai” was Siddiqui.

Yadav also told to ED in his statement that “Sandesara and Dhawan used to take huge amount of cash with them for handing over to Sh Irfan Ahmed Siddiqui. The cash amount involved used to range from 15 lakh rupees to 25 lakh rupees, and was obtained from the old Delhi office, some cash was brought by Sh Chetan Sandesara from Vadodra to Delhi.”

He also said that he had accompanied Sandesara “four-five times to visit Siddiqui’s residence”. And that a Vasant Vihar, Delhi property “purchased by Sandesara” was “occupied by Siddiqui”. ” .. “I do not know whether any rent was paid by Sh Irfan Siddiqui.”

The Sandesara executive’s information on Ahmed Patel’s son says: “Chetan Sandesara had called me and told me to deliver Rs 5 lakh to J1 that is Faisal Patel, in Khan market Delhi…I contacted Sh Rakesh (driver of Faisal Patel) and delivered 5 lakh to him and informed him that amount was sent from Chetan Sandesara.” The statement of Yadav also states that: “Faisal Patel had visited G6 Pushpanjali farms, to stay overnight and party with his friends, the expenses (Rs 10 lakh) were looked after by me as per instruction of Sh Chetan Sandesara.”

He further added that “Sandesara group owners would ensure Faisal Patel got free entry to the night club of a 5-star Delhi hotel,” and also said that “Gagan Dhawan had told me to arrange free entry for Faisal Patel in Hype (nightclub in Shangri-La Hotel in Delhi)”.