Notorious snatcher nabbed, 11 tulas gold ornaments seize

Tappachabutra Police organizing vehicle checking at Balaji Nagar Colony on Saturday morning hours while on checking, one person has suddenly sttoped his vehicle and tried to escape police check and not showin his identity and came on one black motorcycle Bajaj Discover under suspicion manner. On enquiry, he revealed his name as Sanganamoni Maddileti @ Madhu (23) an laborer R/o Nizamabad (V), Pangal (M), Mahabubnagar of District. On questioning he could not gave any satisfactory account about trying to escape police check and on frisking him, found one gold chain on his pants pocket and he has no authentication about gold chian. As such he was taken to police station and on sustained interrogation he spilled the beans and he had confessed that he have committed as many as (5) gold chain snatching offences in the localities of Tappachabutra area along with his associate Narsinha R/o Nizamabad (V), Pangal (M), Mahabubnagar District who is absconding and seized 11 Tulas and 2 Grams Gold ornaments and one black motorcycle Bajaj Discover all worth Rs 3.65 lakhs from his possession and being produced before Hon’ble Court for judicial custody

Accused Sanganamoni Maddileti @ Madhu originally hails from Wanaparty of Mahabubnagar District and came to Hyderabad along with his parents for livelihood in the year 2007. He is an old Chain Snatcher offender and involved chain snatching offences in twin cites of Hyderabad & Secunderabad and Cyberbad limits along with his associate Narsimha. In the earlier, they have committed (12) Snatchings and in the year 2011, February month, they both have arrested by Sanath Nagar Police and sent judicial custody. After three months, he released from jail and wen to his native place at Wanaparthy, Mahabubnagar and started clothes business. But since 2012 he incurred losses in his business and facing financial problem. As such he contact his associate Narsimha and both were started snatching offence. After committed offences, they have used to mortgaged at Mathoot Finance and Manapuram Finance at Wanaparthy of Mahaboobnagar District by furnishing a copy of his Aadhaar Card as ID proof and booty shared.

Accused Madhu has inspired in the ‘snatching offences’ on reading in the newspapers and shared his ideas with his associate Narsimha and both were planned for committing snatching offences to meet their financial problems. In the years 2010 and 2010 both committed offences of snaching as many as (12) cases in the limits of Cyberabad and Hyderabad City by targeting ladies who are going lonely. In which (11) cases in Cyberabad and (1) case in Hyderabad City limits.

The anti snatching patrolling party of Tappachabutra P.S constituted by Inspector B. Ravinder, consists of Detective sub inspector Y. Hanuman Goud and staff on direct supervision of D.Srinivas ACP Asifnagar Division and V.Satyanarayana IPS DCP West Zone Hyderabad. (INN)