‘Notorious Santa’ takes away poor’s money, Manish Tewari refers to PM Modi in his tweet

New Delhi: Congress spokesperson, Manish Tewari, on Monday called PM Modi ‘bad Santa’ for taking away the money from poor people, through schemes like GST and demonetisation.

Tewari in his tweet a day after Christmas, indirectly referred the prime minister, comparing him with Santa Claus, used the phrase “an old man with a white beard”.

He wrote, when an old man with ‘a white beard creeps in your house through the chimney and puts money in your socks’ on Christmas, a similar looking person takes away the money from poor people.

The opposition has keenly critised the steps taken by Modi-led government after GST and demonetisation seemed to be ineffective for the common man.

Not only did the Congress, but BJP’s own former leaders like Yashwant Sinha had also called the note ban as ‘a disaster’ and the GST as ‘a poorly conceived’ scheme.