Nothing derogatory about ‘item numbers’: Farah Khan

Mumbai: Choreographer-director Farah Khan says there is no harm in calling a dance track as an “item number”.

While many actresses take offence at a dance number being called as an item number, Farah Khan asks these actresses to get their facts right.

“It is an ‘item number’ only and there is nothing derogatory about it. We are not referring to the girl as an item, so they should get their facts right. An item number is something that comes in the middle of a movie… that will attract the people to come and watch the movie,” Farah, who is known for choreographing songs like “Dil Se”, “Fevicol Se”, “Chaiya Chaiya” and “Munni Badnam Hui”, told IANS.

Farah says no matter how much an actresses protest against item numbers, they all wish to be part of one.

“Boys are also doing, for instance Shah Rukh Khan did ‘Darde Disco’, and I feel they (actresses) are dying to do it because they make loads of money. Having said that, I will never do a cheap, vulgar song as I feel that there is a way of doing it,” said the 51-year-old.