Notes ban is firebombing on India’s poor: Rahul Gandhi

Almora (Uttarakhand) [India]: Accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of duping the poor, honest and hard-working people to help the 50 super rich families, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Friday alleged that demonetisation of high-value currency is not a surgical strike on corruption but firebombing on India’s poor.

Addressing a rally in Almora, Gandhi escalated his attack on Prime Minister Modi and said that demonetisation is economic robbery.

“The Congress Party wants to obliterate corruption from India. The Congress will support any step against corruption. But notes ban wasn’t against black money or corruption, it was economic robbery,” said Gandhi.

“You have divided India into two halves. On one side, India’s super rich – 50 families, on the other side the 99 percent of India, including the poor, the honest, hard-working people,” he added.

The Congress vice-president also used the occasion to reach out to the farmers and labourers.

“Prime Minister Modi hasn’t listened to the farmers, but he has forgiven 1.40 lakh crore in loans to 15 rich people but not farmers,” said Gandhi.

“Speaking about labourers in Parliament, Prime Minister Modi said they dig holes. They made fun of labourers. Modi ji India’s labourers don’t dig holes, they build India,” he added.

Gandhi alleged that the ‘suit boot ki Sarkar’ was in its bid to help its “rich friends” snatching the rights of the poor.

“Under NDA, one percent of Indians have 60 percent of the wealth. 99 percent Indians don’t have black money. 94 percent of the black money is in Swiss Bank accounts, gold and land. Just six percent of black money is in cash. I don’t know why Prime Minister Modi has made this six percent black money his target, not the 94 percent,” said Gandhi.

“I will tell you why he took aim at the poor people. He had said I will put 15 lakhs in every account. You gave Vijay Mallya 1,200 crore ki toffee. You could not give to Uttarakhand,” he added.

The Congress vice-president further said the Prime Minister makes money from the poor and gives to the rich, adding the latter wants the money of the people to remain in banks for as long as possible.

“I’ll tell you why they introduced notes ban. There is some eight lakh crore in unpaid loans today by rich people. When the farmers don’t pay loans, you take away their land, houses,” said Gandhi.

“But when super rich don’t pay loans, you call them defaulters and their debt Non Performing Assets. You restructure their loans but don’t recover it. With your money, Modi ji wants to forgive this eight lakh crore in loans,” he added. (ANI)