Noted Urdu professor Fatima Begum Parveen passes away at 68

Hyderabad: Renowned professor—former president of the department of Urdu, Osmania University and activist Fatima Begum Parveen has passed away on Friday due to COVID-related complications. She was 68.

Prof Fatima Begum Parveen was born on December 30, 1953 in Hyderabad. She did her bachelors, masters and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from Osmania University (OU) and received a double gold medal from OU with distinction in MA.

In her career spanning of teaching— joined various colleges, she later joined OU and became the president of the department. She served in the OU for 17 years.

Prof. Fatima Begum, who was bestowed with the title “Bulbul-e-Deccan” was famous for her eloquent speeches. Begum used to preside over the Haradabi meeting which was held in Hyderabad. She used to give long speeches on informative and important points. She used to say that whenever a speech should be completed, a few words remain incomplete.

Prof Begum presented numerous articles in national and international seminars. Akhtar Ansari’s poetry, perspective and The study of Deccan literature is one of her famous books.

She also translated Hindi and Telugu books into Urdu. Andhra Pradesh and Bengal Urdu Academy awarded her the award. She was the greatest woman speaker of the present day Hyderabad Deccan.

She also did a detailed evaluation of the poetry of Amir Khusrau, Mirza Ghalib, Meer, Mirza Rafi Sauda, Shaikh Ibrahim Zauk, Deccani Qaseeda and the Marsiyas of Mir Anees and Dabeer. In all, she authored 23 books.

Some of her work includes: Akhtar Ansari Ki Shayari Ka Tanqidi Mutaliya (1980), Karbe Karbala (1987), Zaveyae Nigah (2004), Deccani Adab Ka Mutaliya (2005) and Classici Shayeri Ka Mutala (2009). During 2019, she came up with three more books – Ashke Gham (third part), Prof. Moghni Tabassum – Aik Raushan Chiragh Tha Na Raha and Deccani Adab Ek Mutaliya.