Well known NRI Nasir Ali Khan passes away

Hyderabad: Noted NRI personality Naser Ali Khan, 62 years son of Late Mohammed Ilyas khan had passed away on Thursday (July 9, 2020).

Naser Ali Khan had served in Research and Maintenance department of Kabaah. He majorly worked in the maintenances cell of Kabbah’s pillar. He used to be present in Gusul e Kaaba every year.

Nasir is survived by 4 daughters and 2 sons. Sons Qadeer Khan and Yousuf Khan have requested all for prayers.

Tadfeen would be performed after Namaz-e- Asar, in Dargah Shah Raju Qattal Hussaini, Misrigunj

Contact numbers: 7799614844 (Yousuf Khan) and 00966591230018 (Qadeer Khan)