Note ban ended, when will corruption end: Yogendra Yadav

New Delhi: Swaraj India Party President Yogendra Yadav on Saturday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to clarify when corruption in India will end.

“I have one question for Prime Minister (PM) Modi — while the note-ban has ended, when and how will ‘loot bandi’ (ban on corruption) start,” Yadav tweeted.

He said he wanted to hear three facts, three proposals and three plans from Modi.

“I wish to hear from PM three facts: How much old currency is back? How much new currency released? Who advised the government on the decisions?”

“I wish to hear from PM three proposals: Compensation for the loss of life and livelihood. Use of money earned for the poor. Long-term use (of money).”

“I wish to hear from PM three plans: Attack on domestic non-cash black money. Closure of foreign black route. Transparent political funding.”