Note ban biggest scam, officials involved: Congress

New Delhi: The Congress on Tuesday said that demonetisation was the “biggest scam” in the country and alleged involvement of government officials in currency exchange to earn money and looting the country.

Congress leader Kapil Sibal played a video at a media briefing here and alleged that an employee of RAW, India’s external intelligence agency, was involved in the money exchange.

“A RAW official can be seen in the video. His ID of cabinet secretariat can be seen. A bank manager was involved. All the things being shown took place in the godown of Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation,” he said.

He said the video has been taken from a website which has tapes of several hours.

“You have seen in the past five years how money has flowed like water. You have seen a glimpse of how it is flowing, why it is flowing. If a banker, government employees, people of the treasury, earn an exchange of 15 to 40 per cent, how much they would have earned,” he said.
Sibal alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had “traumatised” the people of this country.

“He is traumatising and he has traumatised journalists, his political opponents and he has used agencies to target people who are opposed to him,” Sibal alleged.

He said the government should probe the contents of the video, saying it amounts to “treason”.

“Since the ED searches people with such alacrity, then with equal alacrity, they should tell the people what the truth is, but, they will not do it,” he said.

Referring to a video clip he showed at a press conference last month, Sibal alleged that it was of a man who exchanged demonetized currency worth Rs 5 crore at 40 per cent commission against legal tender of Rs 3 crore in Rs 2,000 notes with the help of a BJP worker in Ahmedabad.

“He (the man) said ‘we can give you that exchange even in Bombay’. He says there are 26 such operations throughout the country – 22+4 (22 men and four women).”

YouTube video

“Will the government arrest these people, will the ED arrest these people? They will not because ED protects those who loot the country,” he said.

Answering a query, he said the party had gone to the Election Commission over NaMo TV. “There is no licence, there is no broadcasting licence, they say this is an advertisement. So, if it is advertisement, then it must be included in the expenditure of the Prime Minister because it is eulogising the Prime Minister, but nobody will take action because nobody dares, nobody dares in this country to speak out any more,” he said.

Asked about Modi’s allegations of scams during the UPA, he said: “All the scams have come to nothing.”