Note ban is a big scam of Modi, says AICC

AICC official spokesperson Ajoy Kumar has alleged that the demonetization of big notes was a ‘big scam’ in the nation.

Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan here on Friday, Ajoy Kumar asserted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was giving the money looted from the people to his “suit and boot” friends with Paytms. He alleged that the black money holders had deposited Rs 3 lakh crore as fixed deposits in September. All the deposits were made by BJP leaders only, he alleged. The BJP leaders deposited Rs 500 crore in a Bank to which BJP Chief Amith Shaw was director. “Why Modi didn’t speak on it?”, he questioned.

Asking the Prime Minister how the BJP leaders got new notes before the demonetization of big notes, Ajoy said the people were watching the dramas being enacted by Narendra Modi. The problems being faced by the people are indescribable, he stated and asked the Prime Minister about Rs 40 crore taken from corporate companies nine times. He also alleged that the Prime Minister was working like an event manager rather as Prime Minister of the country. (NSS)