Not Ready To Watch Padmaavat’s Special Screening: Karni Sena Chief

JAIPUR: Shri Rajput Karni Sena Chief Lokendra Singh Kalvi on Tuesday strongly denied reports that the organisation leadership is ready to watch ‘Padmaavat’ at a special screening.

He denied what he called “rumours” that some Sena members had watched the movie and said that “the information is fake”.

“Not a single member of the Karni Sena watched the film. Why are rumours being spread again and again when we have already taken a stand and shared it with the media, not once or twice but many times? We say it again that we will not allow Padmaavati to be screened in India at any cost,” he said angrily while talking to IANS from Gandhinagar.

He said he had met Chief Ministers of four states on Monday regarding the Sena’s stand.

Lokendra Singh Kalvi criticised the media for what he called “cooking up stories” of their own.

“Twenty-four hours ago, the same story was going on and today (Tuesday) again, the same story has started,” he griped.

The Karni Sena chief said he visited Sabarmati Ashram yesterday morning to imbibe a feeling of non-violence as “things are going out of my hand and he public doesn’t want to see their mother Padmavati on screen dancing in public”.

He claimed even the Supreme Court failed to understand the sentiments of the Rajput community.

“We stopped (release of) ‘Padmavati’ and now we want to stop ‘Padmaavat’.”