It’s not plastic rice, Civil Supplies Commissioner

Civil Supplies Commissioner C.V. Anand has asked people not to believe the rumors of Plastic Rice. He said tests conducted on the samples collected from the complainant in the Civil Supplies laboratory revealed that it was not Plastic Rice. However, the rice samples were sent to State Food Laboratory for further chemical tests, he said and asked his Department, Enforcement Officials and Vigilance to remain alert.


The Commissioner said all the Civil Supplies Corporation officials and employees are given guidelines through video on how does the plastic rice look, how to recognize it, was it mixed anywhere and so on. He also asked rice millers to be cautious in the matter. Officials of the Civil Supplies Corporation clarified the doubts on rumors of Plastic Rice which were prevailing during last few days in Greater Hyderabad. The report from Civil Supplies laboratory which conducted tests on the rice samples has made clear that it is not Plastic Rice. For further tests to get full report on the complaints, rice samples have been sent to State Food Laboratory. The officials said the tests in the Civil Supplies laboratory were conducted in the presence of Quality Control Analyzer Osman Mohiuddin, General Manager Jayadev Singh, Assistant Manager, Technical G. Saidulu.


The Civil Supplies Enforcement wing collected samples from the mill on which complaint was lodged in Meerpet Police Station on Tuesday and from the complainant. Both the samples were sent to the lab for testing. Physical Analysis and D-husk test was first conducted on the samples. Further the rice was soaked in water for some time. If the rice was made of plastic, it would float. But there was no sign of floating during the tests. Later the rice samples were cooked. The cooked rice became a paste as it usually does during cooking the normal rice. It is common nature of rice to become like paste. The rice paste was also slightly jumping like a rubber ball. Even the normal rice was also cooked to test the outcome and the same result has come i.e. rice looking like paste.

            Rice from the complainant and the normal both were cooked at one time, they both came to same result. Both the rice samples were cooked normal. The rice from the complainant and the rice mill from where the rice was supplied to the dealer both are not  at all plastic rice. Both the sample rice cooked were tasted and reported normal” said Commissioner of Civil Supplies  C.V. Anand. (NSS)